“Terribly Good at The Funhouse…THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES are a cool power trio mix of alt rock, punk rock, and reggae-funk. They have shades of The Clash, complete with socio-political lyrics, but with flashier guitar playing. I saw them at Lupo’s a few weeks ago and immediately became a fan. While there are strong songs on their latest CD Hope-nosis, their live show is where it’s at.

Guitarist Dave Cahill is from Asbury, NJ and calls his style “gypsy prog rock”, and that’s a good a description as any for this unique band. Bassist Nate Powell and drummer Ryan Decker are both Easton residents and are excellent, as well.

Do yourself a favor and check out these guys on YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. Don’t miss the interesting, pro-quality short films that go with several of their songs. See them this Saturday, Jan. 30 at The Funhouse in Bethlehem, and Feb 13 at Pearly Baker’s in Easton.”

– Blake Dannen (Blake’s Picks) in Pulse Weekly, Jan. 27, 2010