“THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES’ sophomore effort, Hope-nosis, is an intensely political statement suggesting that the gap between social reality and what’s fed to the public are two very different things. Lead vocalist, David Cahill, whom we covered before, is undoubtedly very passionate about his often very varied and plentiful opinionated messages, which may deter your ability to listen. But, do understand that there can be pleasure in even a secular listen as the band explores genres including folk, gypsy, punk, and rock to varying lengths and with impressive control – especially the guitar work, which is not only very intricate, but quite obviously labored and loved. The Almighty Terribles have returned with what’s very clearly a snapshot of a group that will never stop making music about things that really hit home. So, for a powerful, generally old-school punk influenced, and very raw record that will appeal to lovers of progressive-political-punk, look no further than Hope-nosis.”

– Praise For Wallflower (Indie Music Blog)