“THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES, a trio with big sound, thanks to band leader Dave Cahill’s guitar wizardry and passionate lyricism. One of Cahill’s many talents is his capable guitar skills; he may have drawn influences in Tim Reynolds and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but he has forged a sound all his own, which is a feat in its own. Very knowledgeable in music technology, Cahill backs himself up with his own recording when playing solo. This band played raw, with no filters or cares. Cahill sings with big, important things in mind: the government, injustice and the like.

Check out their website for an awesome music video for “Dream of Dreams” – we should all be so proud that this kind of thing is the product of our local music talent! And yes, if you were wondering – that was Pearly Baker’s own Nate Powell, on bass with THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES.”

– The Easton Irregular Feb 2010