Tim Reynolds TR3 with special guest Dave Cahill

Live October 8, 2014 at Havana in New Hope, PA

Tim Reynolds TR3 & special guest Dave Cahill performing “Everything I Believe In” from the new album by TR3Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion.”

Get their new album on iTunes here!  It kicks invasive alien ass.


Also I will be performing this Saturday in Brooklyn at………

Liberty Fest 5

Confirmed speakers/musicians:

Dave Cahill, Adam Kokesh, Tatiana Moroz, Gary Johnson, Tom Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Kevin Gutzman, Naomi Wolf, Robert Murphy, Edward Hudgins, Derrick Broze, Lyn Ulbricht, Scott Horton, Cat Watters, Stephan Kinsella, Tracy Diaz, Marcel Edward Fontaine & Michael Salvi (emcee).

Visit http://lfnyc.com/ for tickets.