Trippy new music video for “Algorithm” by THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES from the album, “We’re Not The Only Ones

The idea to make a music video featuring video clips we took while recording the album has been bouncing around since we release the album. I finally decided it was time to put it together using my very limited video editing ability. After about 3 hours of frustration and artifacting insanity, I decided to make a call to my friend and ultra talented filmmaker, Dylan Avery. Dylan has made quite a number of amazing music videos for us and I knew he could make something great with the low quality footage I provided to him. I decided to capture a weird take in 1080p singing along to the song to hold the clips all together in a much higher quality. I sent Dylan the clips and within 2 days he made this trippy, fun and very much alive music video for “Algorithm.” Thank you Dylan!!

Oh, and by the way….we are now offering a digital download of our post-apocalyptic epic masterpiece “We’re Not The Only Ones” for only $5!! Get it now at Bandcamp!

Here it is, the official music video for “Algorithm”……ENJOY!