A “Terrible ” time with Dave Cahill

RW: What can you tell me more about the latest album?”

Photo by Brian HewittDave Cahill: “We’re Not The Only Ones is a hopeful call for peace and unity on this planet and all the others. I am sure that we are not the only ones, and that this current reality is just a small slice of what is actually real. It wasn’t until I realize how truly small we are that I found pure happiness and love for everything around me.”

“Brian Herman and I are putting the final touches on it now. Brian is a true genius at what he does, I am sure he would disagree if he knew I said that, but believe me, it’s true. I have spent the majority of my life recording music, and this project by far was the most enjoyable, experimental, and mind altering experience I have ever had. It is as if we tapped into another dimension somewhere, and listened to the music they had and took some of it home with us. It is hard to describe this all in words, but I can honestly say, my life has been forever changed after recording this album. It’d kind of like a near death experience packed into wave of audio. I cannot wait to begin the next album. I cannot wait to do this forever.”

“…RW: Any thoughts on how this album will be received?”

Dave Cahill: I never thought I would experience the feeling I have while listening to these final mixes. I feel empowered and joyful that we were able to create something so powerful, so beautiful and really capture the late night metaphysical experiences we lived through. I hope people all over the world get to hear this album. I am also going to be beaming the album into space with radio waves at the speed of light, hoping that someone out there will hear it. Or perhaps, when we die, we just wake up on another world somewhere else. In that case, perhaps I will be able to recapture this work in the next life. If there were no other life beyond, it seems like it would be a terrible waste of space. Of course life in the Universe is abundant, but really this experience we are having right now is just a hologram, there is no end to what we don’t know. We have much to learn and I hope we make it through the growing pains of being human. Only a very small portion of nuclear weapons must be detonated before everything is washed away, as if it never happened. Everyone you ever knew, every song ever written, every paint-stroke, every novel, poem, letter, conversation would be wiped from existence in an instant, forever. Of course, no one wants this, but we need to be ready to fight until our last breath to prevent it, it is our destiny to travel to the stars and share our stories with the others out there. We Are Not The Only Ones.”

– The Elucidator (May 31, 2011)