Dave Mohawk 01

Come get your free monthly dose of my solo sonic madness.

Live tomorrow night!  Thursday, August 25th at Pearly Baker’s.

The address is 11 Center Square in Easton, PA. and  I will take the stage at approximately 9:30pm, and oh yea, did I mention it’s free?

Did you miss THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES‘ ripping performance at the “WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES” CD Release Party?  Don’t worry, there are still some copies of the new album left.  I will have them at my show tomorrow night, so if you didn’t get one yet, now is your chance!

Tomorrow I will be performing a mind altering solo acoustic set for a few hours and I will be debuting some new material I have been recently working on.  I will also have some new electronic trickery up my sleeves, or rather, at my feet that I will be experimenting with.   I will also be recording the live performance, so come on out and scream nonsensical gibberish, it will be forever immortalized.



Arlene's Grocery

SATURDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 27, THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES will perform at Arlene’s Grocery in the lower east side.

We go on at 11:30pm, and the address is 95 Stanton St., in NYC.

This is your chance to get a copy of the new album, which was inspired by and recorded in New York City.  You won’t be sorry, see you there.